What is the davit and why is it important?

What is the davit and why is it important?
Davit is the name given to the crane systems where lifeboats are suspended on ships or on the beach, which are used to lower and lift the lifeboats, and which enable tenders or boats to be carried on boats on yachts.

Most of the davits are used to hang the boats by reaching out from the side, but this model is not preferred especially in high-speed motor yachts.

Why is it important to use davits on boats?

While you are enjoying cruising with your yacht, a boat is needed to get to the beach from the cove where you are anchored. There are three ways to carry your boat,

1. To pull from the stern of your boat with the help of a rope,

2. Carrying your engine to a suitable place on the deck of the boat after placing it on the rail,

3. To carry with the appropriate davit preference depending on the boat model,

Towing the boat behind the boat has many disadvantages. It causes you to perform an unsafe cruise, especially in long transfers. Since the weather conditions at sea can be very changeable, it may hit you unexpectedly. Again, when you least expect it, the rope that you have tied the boat to breaks can give you a difficult time.

In addition, since your boat will be in the sea all the time, you will reduce its life and increase the maintenance period; this will cause you unseen and unnoticeable costs in the long run.

Many boat owners prefer to carry the boat on the boat if space is available on the boat deck to avoid the cost of davits. This may be advantageous in terms of cost, but we can say that it will reduce your cruising comfort a lot. Using the pleasant time you will spend on your boat to take the boat and the engine to the deck will reduce your cruising pleasure.

The lack of a boat garage, especially in motor yachts and speedboats, creates difficulties for boat owners in the storage of the boat and negatively affects the decision to buy the boats they like. Alternative solutions such as cranes are expensive, but also create difficulties in assembly. Fortunately, there are davit models that can create alternative solutions for you.

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